Architecture and Design


November 19, 2014Energy management survey data now available! See project page.
October 1, 2014Energy management survey paper to appear at OOPSLA '14. Preprint and, soon, data available here.
April 14, 2014Lisa Wu has successfully defended her thesis!
February 26, 2014Melanie Kambadur has successfully defended her thesis!
February 14, 2014Q100 paper to appear at ASPLOS '14. Preprint available here.
April 6, 2013Energy-efficient data partitioning paper to appear at ISCA '13. Preprint available here.
November 15, 2012Our paper on measuring interference in a live datacenter to appear at SC '12.
July 6, 2012Harmony 1.0 released!
April 1, 2012Our paper on Parallel Block Vectors to appear at ISCA '12